Monday, 7 October 2013

Tracking Citations and Altmetrics for Research Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Bulletin August/September 2013 by  Stacy Konkiel  . Click for the full article.
 The recently announced San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment [1], which calls for the abandonment of the journal impact factor as a means to determine the quality of research, highlights how important and contested the measurement of scholarly impact has become. Measuring impact for research data is also complicated. Data citation itself is not yet a standard practice [2, 3], and there is no authoritative agreement on how and when data should be cited [4]. Altmetrics, which track scholarship’s usage on the social and scholarly web, comprise a nebulous group of metrics that use an ever-shifting list of web services’ APIs as a source of their data [5]. As with data citations, standards do not yet exist to record or report the impact of different types of altmetrics. In light of these challenges, a panel was convened at the ASIS&T Research Data Access & Preservation Summit 2013 (RDAP13) to discuss new developments in exactly how researchers track the impact of data.

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