Friday, 23 August 2013

Increase in CAO points for primary education, ICT and specialist sciences at NUI Maynooth

The Bachelor of Education degree for primary teaching at NUI Maynooth has seen a surge in demand, coinciding with the move from Froebel College of Education in Blackrock to NUI Maynooth. Points for the BEd in primary teaching have increased to 495, the highest nationally.

There has been strong demand for ICT related courses at NUI Maynooth with the BSc in Computational Thinking at 520 points, 20 points up from last year and the BSc in Computer Science & Software Engineering up 5 points from last year. Specialist scientific courses at Maynooth also experienced strong demand with the BSc in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics increasing to 570 points and the BSc in Biotechnology up 10 points to 425.

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