Friday, 3 May 2013

NUIMaynooth company develops online system to increase intellectual ability

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A new spin-out company from NUI Maynooth has demonstrated that it is possible to increase intelligence levels and has developed an online programme which can measurably increase intellectual ability. 

The company, ‘Raise Your IQ’, has developed the ‘SMART’ (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training) programme which equips the user with the cognitive skills which lay the foundation for better intelligent reasoning and thinking and increases intelligence levels. Unlike ‘brain training’ products on the market which merely enhance memory, SMART improves the ability to reason logically and think clearly, so it also leads to improvements in verbal ability, perceptual reasoning and speed of information processing.
The system has been trialled in Irish schools with the latest research showing primary school students experienced an average IQ rise of 23 points. An increase in IQ above 10 points represents a significant increase in intellectual ability. Evidence shows that increases in the IQ levels of SMART participants are still in place four years later.

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