Monday, 16 December 2013

The Status of EU protected Habitats and Species in Ireland Reports

Article 17 2013 Assessment documents - National Parks & Wildlife Service
Every six years, Member States of the European Union are required to report on the conservation status of all habitats and species listed on the annexes of the Habitats Directive as required under Article 17 of the Directive. Following a period of public consultation Ireland submitted these status assessments to the European Commission in June 2013.
The report will be published in 3 volumes. An overview report (Volume 1), which will provide more detail on the methodologies, a summary of the results and a list of contributors to the assessments, will be published later in 2013 or early in 2014. Volume 2 (Habitats) and Volume 3 (Species) contain the detailed reports and relevant scientific information and can be accessed here.
Habitats included range from Sand Dunes to Floating River vegetation and Bogs. Species covered include the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly, Whorl Snails, Sperm Whales and the Pine Martin amongst (unfortunately !) many others.

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