Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Sustainable Design & Research in Engineering and the Built Environment Journal Launched

A new engineering journal has been launched The SDAR* journal is published by CIBSE Ireland and the School of Electrical Engineering (SEES) in DIT. It is supported by Airtricity and produced by Pressline Ltd. 

 The journal is a result of continuing collaboration between the professional organisations, industry and academia. It emphasises the need to move from ideologically based sustainable engineering to  proven low energy solution solutions. It is a vehicle to increase research in engineering to meet the modern challenges posed. There is a strong spine of proven industry solutions as well as well as significant and worthy contributions from students, graduates and researchers in academia. All papers are heavily evidence based with deep analysis and critical reflection. They are peer reviewed by an expert reviewing panel. The intention of CIBSE is to increase applied research in the industry whilst taking the fear out of the word  research for working engineers and companies. The intention for SEES is to provide opportunities for research students to gain access to data and link with the industry experts in this field to enhance the quality of their programmes and research in engineering of the built environment.
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